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Mobility Aid Grant Scheme

The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme provides grants for works designed to address mobility problems in the home, such as the purchase and installation of grab-rails, a level access shower, access ramps or a stair-lift. The scheme is primarily for older people, but people with a disability can also apply for it.


Mobility Aid Grants

If you need more extensive works done, or if you do not qualify under the means test, you can apply for the housing adaption grant for people with a disability instead. Depending on your situation, the housing aid for older persons scheme may be more suitable for you.

Application Process

You can apply for a refund of vat on the aids and appliances that you need. This refund scheme also applies to the cost of the installation work.

The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme is available to people with a household income of less than €30,000 per year.

The grant can be paid to people in:

  • Owner-occupied housing
  • Houses being purchased from a local authority under the tenant purchase scheme
  • Private rented accommodation (the duration of your tenancy can affect grant approval)
  • Accommodation provided under the voluntary housing Capital Assistance and Rental Subsidy schemes
  • Accommodation occupied by people living in communal residences.

Local Authority Requirements

You must satisfy the local authority that you will occupy the property as your normal place of residence when the works have been done. If you are a tenant, you must also get written approval from your landlord.

Your application for the grant will be prioritized according to your medical need. Highest priority will be given to people who are terminally ill, or where alterations or adaptations would facilitate their discharge from hospital or the continuance of care in their own home.

When the local authority receives your application, it may request an occupational therapist’s (OT) assessment. The local authority can arrange for this, or you can employ an OT yourself and recoup up to €200 of the cost from the local authority as part of the grant, subject to the maximum grant limit of €6,000.

Information required

When applying for the Mobility Aids Grant Scheme, you must provide:

  • Your tax reference number
  • Details of your tax district
  • A statement that, to the best of your knowledge, your tax affairs are in order

You must provide evidence that the local property tax on the house has been paid. There is a relief from Local Property Tax (LPT) on properties that have been adapted for occupation by a disabled person. 

We can provide an itemized quotation, indicating the cost of the work required. It is recommended that the proposed works should include the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, if they are not already present and operating in your home.

Walk in Shower

Walk in Showers
Wet rooms for disabled users are purposefully designed to meet the individual’s wants and needs. The size, shape and layout of a disabled wet room can be customized to suit the available space and the user or their carer if required. This makes them the only solution that can be totally bespoke and completely unique.
The main benefits to installing a disabled wet room, opposed to any other type disabled shower solution, is that the entire room becomes your showering area which in turn maximizes your use of space. This allows for greater ease of movement, making your overall layout far safer and easier to navigate.
Stair- lift:
A stair lift for disabled people or elderly is ideal for anyone having difficulty with stairs due to an accident, illness or age, and the offer a wide variety of stair lifts that make life so much easier for anyone experiencing difficulty climbing stairs.

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair access ramps:

Ramps are mobility aids that enable better access to your home and areas that have existing steps or raised surfaces. Ramps make steps in and around your home accessible for wheelchair

Ramps reduce uncomfortable lifting over steps and into vehicles. They give you the independence to transport yourself around your home, rather than relying on assistance.
All our ramps and steps have anti-slip surfaces to offer added stability during transit and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Steps and ramps have strong, durable designs so they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Grab- Rails

Disability grab rails are often positioned next to steps leading up to a front door, bathrooms, stairs for instance. Carefully positioned safety grab bars can be an important living aid for a disabled or elderly person.

Grab Rails are designed to improve user safety and help with mobility in a variety of tasks in the bathroom and around the home. Grab bars are practical and durable assistive products, which are ideal for the elderly and disabled, providing confidence and stability for the user.

Download Grant Forms for Disability Grants

Download Application Form

Click the button below to download the application form. You can then print the form and submit to your Local Authority. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need assistance in completing the building section.

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