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Whatever your requirements an attic conversion can expand your lifestyle, improve your leisure and add real value to your biggest investment with out the hassle and expense of moving home and without sacrificing your garden.  
Valuable space

Learn for yourself why an attic conversion means peace of mind, the highest quality and wonderful value for money. Every inch of space in your home is valuable.

Convert your Attic Space

Lets turn the unused space in your attic into whatever you desire. We transform your attic area into a greater space. Just imagine a spacious new bedroom or living space!!

Attic Conversion Company

Loft Conversion experts

Whether your expanding your family or wish for a special room just for you, an attic conversion can add one or two extra rooms to your home in no time at all.

Professional Attic Conversions

With a hardworking, polite and friendly team we will work closely with you every step of the way, to turn your dark and dusty attic into a fresh new living area for you, your family and your friends to enjoy.

Full attic Conversion

We can look after all elements of your attic conversion including reinforcement of floor, skylights, added insulation, staircase and fire safety measures to comply with building regulations.

Benefits of an Attic Conversion

A major advantage of an attic conversion is that it can, often be constructed without having the need to gain planning permission, although planning permission may be required depending on the specifications.

Bedroom with ensuite is possible

A master bedroom with ensuite, home office or teenager zone area are just some of the new attic conversions we have created within an attic conversion. The possibilities are truly endless.

Let Our experience help you

We have completed literally hundreds of attic conversions over the last ten years and have gained invaluable experience in the construction process but also in ensuring all our customers receive great service.

Convert Attic to a Bedroom

Attic Conversion to Bedrooms

A bedroom conversion is the most common use for a renovated attic. The unique shapes of an attic are perfect for a children’s bedroom. You can decorate in a way that enhances the shape and whimsical nature of an attic bedroom. Children also won’t have as much trouble walking around with a sloped ceiling.

Kids room in Attic

Kids Bedroom designs on the attic floor require a lot of attention. It is important to plan everything carefully. Every parent wants a functional room for the little ones so the proper zoning is essential. In the children room there should be a play area, a work area and a relaxation area. 

Do I need planning Permission?

The zoning will depend on the layout of the room, because the sloping roof makes it difficult to arrange the interior. Of course, it may be challenging, but not impossible to have a great bedroom for children and we shall give you some great ideas how to plan the design, furniture and decoration.

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