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Dry Lining - Plastering Services

Drylining and Plastering

Plastering Services:
GM Contracts are professionals that deal with installation, maintenance and renovation of ceilings in general and suspended ceilings.
  • Drylining 
  • Insulation, 
  • Partition walls, 
  • Plastering, 
  • Tape & joint
  • Office fit outs
  • Skimming
  • Sand & Cement rendering
  • Drydash
  • Wetdash
Plastering Company

We strongly believe plastering is a meticulous job and has to be finished to the highest standard. We know that bringing back the look of any home can be hugely difficult and it requires forward thinking people who have a strong understanding of your wants and needs with your property and that is where GM assist in all aspects of that journey.


Commercial or Residential Drylining

Since Covid 19 hit we have seen a huge demand for the drylining and plastering of garages, sheds etc converting into home offices as we have seen the rise of people working from home. Drylining is an insulated slab and provides instant warmth to your home, office space, attic etc.

Drylining is a cost effective way to retain heat in your home.

Drylining has several advantages over the wet finish in that it can be installed much more quickly especially in the case were it is stuck to the walls using a mix of plaster as adhesive, this method is called dot and dab.

Drylining also allows in the majority of cases greater use of insulative materials to keep the property warm. A huge advantage of drylining is, if it is properly prepared and installed it is considerably easier to decorate and plaster ie paint, wallpaper, coving all will sit and hold better on walls.

Better Insulation with Drylining

Drylining is a great preventative means of warming your property and preventing the damage caused by moisture. In older houses with solid walls they appearance of damp in the colder months is very common, this is most often caused by condensation.

Drylining Contractors

Drylining Companies

For the longer term the walls can be well insulated using drylining, this involves either fixing timbers to the walls, fitting insulation between the battens, then fixing and decorating plaster board or placing dabs of plaster on the walls and pushing plaster board on to them.
Drylining is also particularly useful when external insulation is not possible

Professions Drylining services + Heat Efficiency

Drylining can save a property up to 40% on their home heating bills. It is a super cost effective way to trap heat in your home increasing your BER rating therefore adding value to your home and it provides comfort in your home, Cool in summer, Warm in Winter.

Plastering Services

Professional Plastering Services

Plastering is the final piece of the puzzle prior decorating hence the importance of an impeccable plaster finish on walls and ceilings. Plaster skimming to plaster board is a popular method of providing a smooth, seamless surface ready to receive decorative treatment.

Residential Plastering - Commercial Plastering

As plastering contractors go, GM contracts specialize in internal/external plastering and are available for commercial and residential projects big and small. We make your interior affordable and that’s starts with the plaster on walls and ceilings.

Replastering Walls

If your walls in your property are in need of re-doing, or first time plaster finish is required we can tackle old woodchip wallpaper, cracks, lumps and bumps, damp treated walls, breeze blocks, basically there is no area on walls or ceiling in a residential or commercial building that we cannot handle in an impeccable finish.

Re-plastering a whole wall is the best technique and one that will stand the test of time. Depending on air temperature level we would recommend that you schedule your plastering to take place at least 2-3 weeks prior any primary design work is due to start on your property.

Should you require to have any advice on your plastering needs then we would gladly assist.

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Dry Lining - Plastering Services
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